Project Title for Mba

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Projects for MBA


1. A study of productivity in manufacturing sector in Pacific Island Countries: (Study to measure productivity and analyze problems and provide solutions. Students can select any country of their choice for their study. Students can also select any particular industry of their choice) 2. What is ailing productivity in Pacific Island Countries? A comparative study of productivity in manufacturing sector in Pacific Island Countries. 3. A study of productivity in small and medium manufacturing enterprises in Pacific Island Countries: 4. A study of productivity in government services in Pacific Island Countries: Problems and Solutions. 5. Enhancing productivity in
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Service Process Design in banking industry /insurance industry 42. Measuring service delivery process in banking Industry; A study of XXX bank (Student can select any bank of his choice) 43. Managing successful retailing operations in a multi channel environment

Location and Layout Strategy

44. Mass customization and effects on plant layout 45. Effectiveness of cellular layout under dynamic demand. 46. Demand chain management in manufacturing and services 47. Service location strategy: A study of (Dhanerao) resorts 48. Effect of layout on productivity of employees (Students can select an Industry) 49. Effect of layout on customer satisfaction(Students can select an Industry)

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

50. Impact of Supply Chain Management on a firm’s over all performance: Study of manufacturing industry in Fiji (FMFetc). 51. Supply Chain: as strong as the weakest link 52. Study of impact of revolutionary technologies on inventory management: RFID, Inventory and Supply Chain Management 53. Supply Chain management at Wal-Mart: lessons for retailing industries 54. Effect of Globalization on Supply Chain management – (Students can select industries)

Inventory Management

55. Are economic order quantity models effective: An empirical study. 56.
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