Project Water Level Indicator With Automatic Water Pump Controlling System

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Water is the most important issue in our day to day life. But it is very pathetic when the owner of the house faced that the water tank be empty without any alarming. The project is to design water level indicator with automatic water pump controlling system. water level sensor is been made for sensing water level accurately. Microcontroller is used to control the overall system automatically that reduces the design and control complexity. Microcontroller takes input from the sensor unit which senses the water level. After processing input variables, resultant output decides the water pump’s action (on/off) with respect to current water status of the tank. A display unit indicates the status of pump and water level. The device also monitor the state of level of water whether it is stable, increasing or decreasing with what velocity. It also stores the total time of pump being kept ON. It also keep monitoring whether the pumping is working well or not. While Keeping the motor ON it detects whether the motor pump is working well or not every minutes. If the level is increasing or decreasing in each minutes then the indicator shows the motor pump is working well else after three minutes if the level remains stable then it shows there is a problem in motor. Thus it also monitor the working performance of the pump Introduction
An Water Level Indicator may be defined as a system by which we can get the information of any water reservoir. Water level indicator system are quite

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