Project X

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Project X is a movie about three seniors who fly under the radar in high school. Costa and Thomas are best friends. Costa is loud, outgoing, and wants more than anything to be popular and have people know his name. Thomas is quite the opposite, he is more reserved and only concerned about a girl he likes. Thomas’ parents decide to go away for the weekend, which leaves the house free for Thomas’ birthday party. Thomas has many reservations about the party but allows it thinking that the girl he likes will show up. After many invitations are extended people begin to arrive. Things go from a controlled environment to absolute chaos, with the use of sex, drugs, and alcohol. In this paper I will discuss the movie as well as its relation…show more content…
After his big jump a car is driven into the pool, teenagers are having sex in all the bedrooms, everyone is dancing and swimming, and everything is getting broken in the house. Hundreds of people are still showing up to the house with the word of the party spreading like wildfire. The police continue to come to the house to try and break it up, but they make everyone quiet and nothing is done. The party once again continues with people jam packed in and around the house, dancing to loud music, and using drugs and alcohol. Finally the police come for the final time and try to break up the party but with hundreds of people dispersing down the streets the police cannot make many arrests. While this is happening the drug dealer, who owned the garden gnome, is coming down the street in protective gear holding a flame thrower, with rage in his eyes. The drug dealer uses the flame thrower setting everything on fire including Thomas’ parent’s house. The chaos of the party aftermath finally began to come to end and the boys took off away from the house like everyone else. When Thomas and Costa returned to school the next day there was not one student who didn’t know their name. As quiet and reserved as Thomas was the party could no longer stay in his control. With Costa advertising the party to the great lengths that he did, there were too many people showing up to the
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