Project and Quality Management Term Project

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Project and Quality Management
Term Project
Due Date: 29th November, 2012

Group Member:
BEI ER, BA702713

Project Requirements 1. Establish the project objective, and make a list of your assumptions about the project.
Project objectives
The project aims to transform the previous annual report done by the research center into a more eye-catching, organized report that can used to effectively promote the ‘not-for-profit’ nature of the center and enable past & potential donors to realize the contribution made by the center as well as reveal the center’s capability to manage resources and make good use of the donations granted. The content of the project will be
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4. For each activity, identify and assign the resources needed. Present your ideas in a RACI Chart.

5. Create a network diagram that shows the sequence and dependent relationships of all the activities. 6. Develop an estimated duration for each activity and identify the ES, EF, LS, LF as well as the total slack for each activity. (note: You have only a total of 6 months or 24 weeks (4x6) to complete your project. Adopt “week” as the time unit for your project schedule.)

7. Determine the critical path and identify the critical path activities.
(1.1) (1.2) (1.3) (6.1) (6.2) (6.3) (6.4) (7) (8.1) (8.2) (8.3) (9) (10) (11.1) (11.2) (11.3) 8. Present your project schedule in Gantt Chart format.

9. Based on the schedule you’ve developed, estimate the normal cost for each activity.
We estimate each activitie’s normal cost by adding up direct labor cost(300/d for grace,levi,lakysha and 500/d for alexis), the material used(office consumption, computer), equipment(camera,recorder) and outsourcing expenses(with design, printing and distribution contractors).

Questions 1. Your Board of Directors would like to have the new annual report be ready by 1st Nov, instead of 15th Nov. That means, your project needs to be completed 2 weeks earlier than what you’ve originally scheduled. In doing so, you may need to compress your original project schedule. a. Prepare your assumptions (crash time and crash cost for each of the project activity)
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