Project for Loreal

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1.0 Company Profile

L’Oreal Company established itself in Mauritius in the late nineteenth exactly on the 14th July 1972. L’Oreal’s success is built on a strong foundation, one of the world’s largest beauty products company. L’Oreal has gained its popularity on the market, as it is one of the companies in the world that works closely with cosmetology and dermatology research.

At L’Oreal, we have made cosmetics the main focus of all our energy and know-how for nearly a century. We are full committed to put all our expertise and research resources to work for the well being of men and women in all their diversity.

2.0 About the product

L’Oreal is a brand that is extremely popular among women; it has been enjoying success and
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The segmentation of L’Oreal for the product L’Oreal (Men Expert) would consist of the demographical, psychographic, Target and Positioning. According to market research department, the demographical segmentation should deal with ages starting from 18 to 60.That is form adolescence to adulthood, in other words product will fit each and everyone regardless of the ages. Concerning the psychographic, L’Oreal has come forward with a perspective to promote the product based on lifestyle and statues of people in the society.

L’OREAL should consider the market need that is providing quality product of L’Oreal (Men Expert) to the customers, we must not forget that the customers are king and also that customer will want value for money. Exemplary services are required to build a sustainable business that will devote itself toward customer satisfaction. L’Oreal is well aware about the level of competition on the market. Therefore, L’Oreal should design the L’Oreal (Men Expert) in a way that it would differentiate its form competitor’s ones and will attract customer at the first sights. If these criteria are achieved, L’Oreal should become a profitable and sustainable company in term of Men Expert.

The key to the marketing strategy for L’Oreal is to focus on the L’Oreal (Men Expert). L’Oreal can covers about 90% of the whole market with the L’Oreal (Men Expert). This is because it produces products according to the needs
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