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Motivation has two meaning: expanding effort toward the accomplishment of an organizational goal, and the managerial process of getting workers to accomplice organizational goal. Motivation is one of the important contributor two performance and productivity. The most basic way to employee is give them a chance to satisfy needs. People tend to strive for satisfaction of need at one level only after satisfaction has been achieved at the previous level. The way a person behaves in a work situation is largely a function of motivation, that is, his desire to fulfill certain needs. Employee’s motivation is one of the most important factor for increasing performance and productivity.
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In fact, the level of the performance of an employee is a function of his ailities and motivation. The first determines what he can do; the second determines what he will do. Where there is a strong positive motivation, the employee’s output increases; but where it is negative or a weak positive motivation, his performance level is low. One of the key elements in Personal Management is motivation; “It is the core of management, which shows that every human being earnestly seeks a secure, friendly and supportive relationship which gives him a sense of worth in face-to face groups, which are most important to him. A supervisor should strive to treat individuals with dignity and a recognitions to their personal worth”.

Mc Gregor has stated, “The task of management is to arrange organizational conditions and methods of operation, so that people can achieve their own goals best by directing their own efforts towards organizational objectives”. Successful supervisors will be those who integrate the goal, oriented actions of individual workers will the pursuit of organizational goals. The goals of the individuals and organization can be achieved through stimulating workers towards productive performance, called motivational process. It is a process of arousing action, sustaining the activity in progress and regulating the pattern of drive. Eating food, drinking water and obtaining friends will tend to restore the homeostatic

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