Project on Spy Ear

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION, CIRCIT DIAGRAM AND WORKING INTRODUCTION Spy ear is the devices which converts low power audio signal to high power signal and gain. It can be used in Theaters , Concert halls, Lecture rooms, Trains, Court houses, Conference rooms, Embassies, Gaming facilities, Recording studios, Aircraft , railways ,bus station etc.With this sound amplifier, you can now hear things crystal clear that you could never hear before. Spy ear is very easy to use, just put the ear buds in your ears - aim the Spy Ear towards what you want to hear and things are heard crystal clear. Spy Ear has adjustable volume control, which amplifies sound up to 50 decibels. Spy ear is also great for watching TV late at night, while…show more content…
Like:- 1. P-Spice 2. ExpressPCB 3. PCB Wizard 3.50 Pro 4. EDWinXP ❖ Good quality magazine pages (A4 Size) (Glossy paper), ❖ Laser printer ❖ Scrubbing pad ❖ Good ventilation ❖ Paper towel, ❖ Tin snips ❖ Drill or rotary tool ❖ PCB drill bits ❖ 5-gallon plastic pail full of water ❖ Single sided 1 ounce copper clad ❖ A plastic container the board will fit in PREPARATION Print the bottom side layer on a piece of paper from a high quality magazine or Glossy paper. Use one actual page from the magazine or Glossy paper, the thicker and shinier the magazine paper the better, but do not use the cover. You must use a laser printer, not an inkjet. If your printer uses ink cartridges and not toner cartridges, it will not work. If you do not have a laser printer, you can work around this by printing to white paper and using a photocopier set to the darkest setting to copy the layout to the magazine paper. If the paper jams in the printer, you are not using a thick-enough magazine pages. Again, do not use the magazine covers, as they do not work. Magazine pages are used because they work well, and they are cheap! The reason they work is because the paper is very glossy and the toner does not adhere well to the
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