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Project1 ABC CHEMICALS After reading the scenario about ABC Chemicals it was obvious that there were several apparent hazards and risks that I identified which needed to be assessed and either eliminated or controlled. These can be achieved using different Legislative measures and Codes Of Practice(COP) which is relevant to their Industry. By Looking further into the chemicals that ABC handle we can assess the presentable hazards Solvent: most solvents are either flammable or highly flammable, this is dependent on their volatility. When a mixture of vapour and air combine there is a possibility of an explosion. The vapours from solvent is denser that air, it sinks to the bottom of the container. Vapours can still be found in empty…show more content…
The WHS Regulations include duties for a Person conducting or Undertaking a business to manage any risk to Health and safety that can be caused from the Handling, Storing and Generating of Hazardous chemicals in the workplace. These Duties include tasks such as, but not limited to: *The correct labelling of Containers *Displaying Safety Signs *Maintaining a Register And Manifest (if relevant) Of the hazardous Chemicals and providing Notifications to the Regulator of the Manifest Quantities *Ensuring that exposure standards are not exceeded. *the provision of Training, information, instruction and supervision to all employees *identifying risk of physical/chemical reaction of hazardous chemicals and to ensure the stability of these chemicals *provision of spill containment system for hazardous chemicals if needed *obtaining up to date Safety Data Sheets (SDS) from the manufacturer, importer, supplier of that chemical. *Controlling ignition sources and accumulation of flammable and combustible substances. *Provision and availability of fire protection, fire fighting equipment and emergency/safety equipment. *preparing an emergency plan if the amount of a hazardous class chemical exceeds the manifest quantity for the chemical *Ensure the stability & support containers for bulk hazardous chemicals including Pipe-work and any attachments. *De-commisioning of underground storage and handling system *Notifying the regulator as soon as possible of any abandoned

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