Projection Method Description Strengths Weaknesses

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Projection Method Description Strengths Weaknesses
Luedeling et al. (2009a)
(Luedeling et al., 2009b) probed decline in winter chilling hours in mountain oases of Oman. In the model adopted , measurements in oases and the high resolution record was used to calibrate the long term record of daily temperature . In order to model hourly temperature , minimum and maximum daily temperature were used because their occurred a substantial shift in the ratio of the difference between maximum and minimum temperature and the difference between mean and minimum temperatures in Saiq over the period of 2003 to 2004 . Day length (solar radiation ) was used in order to estimate the different sunrise and sunset timings throughout the year. Time period for the estimation of records was 1979 to 2008 .Further , the temperature of each hour was estimated since 1979 , using regression equation , which was based on the long term daily minimum and maximum temperatures.

1.In the given paper , historical data is used, which suggests the predicted climatic conditions are in resemblance with the already present climate condition at some of the place , which will allow the farmers and plant scientist to easily grow those crops that might be pre-adapted to some extent.
2.the method used in the paper can be useful in sharing of adaptation techniques and experiences. 1.Absence of Emission scenario , an important parameter that generate the future prediction of green- house gases in accordance to…
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