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Projects Before PHP Fog When I started PHP Fog, I did none of the steps that I would recommend now. Most of the time, I didn’t use a bank account or think about ideal customers. I just had an idea that I thought was a good idea, and as a programmer, I started building the idea. I didn 't validate if it was a good idea. I thought, "I want that, so it must be something people want," or "I think that 's clever, so I think I 'll build it, and other people will sign up for it." I would spend weeks or months doing this on the side as my night project. I would work on programming a project for a few weeks, and ninety percent of the time, I would get bored and give up on it. Ten percent of the time, I would finish a project, launch it, and nobody would sign up. Then I would give up on it. I did that for many years. Finding a problem The first time I did anything different was with PHP Fog. There was a cool platform called Heroku, which was a service for developers to build apps easier. I started moving my own applications to Heroku, which used applications programmed in Ruby on Rails. I had lots of Ruby applications, so I said to myself, "I 'm moving all of my stuff to Heroku, this is great!” Unfortunately, I also had PHP applications. At the time, Heroku didn 't use PHP applications, only Ruby. So then I said, "Here 's a problem: I want to move everything to Heroku, but I can 't because I have PHP applications." A light bulb went off in my head. "Okay, PHP Fog," I said. I

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