Prologue To Mabel's Much Ado About Nothing

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I didn’t talk to Mabel for a few days, after she told me about the other man. I was waiting for the perfect time. I used this time to prepare and also spend time with Charlotte. All our problems will disappear soon. When I’m done with Mabel, we won’t have any problems. I won’t be angry anymore and take my anger out on Charlotte. Our life will be perfect and I’ll find somebody suitable to replace Mabel, and I’ll make sure she doesn’t fall in love with someone else. I stopped drinking. I didn’t need it anymore. I take alcohol to get confidence or to wash away pain. I had a lot of confidence and no pain. I’m determined to follow my plan to make my life and my daughter’s life better.
Charlotte was confused and a little bit bothered by my behavior.
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Now leave”, I replied
“I haven’t seen her for a few days. Are you two still together?. It would be sad if you broke up, but all good things must come to an end”.
I had no intentions of continuing this conversation so I shut the door on his face. He didn’t come here to ask about the Gardner, he wanted to know more about Mabel. He never minds his own business. I finally called Mabel and told her to meet be at the park, so we can talk one last time. I had to tell her that I’m trying to move on but can’t stop thinking about her. I told her something about needing closure, so I can move on. She was happy and agreed to meet me.

I was so drunk by the time it was midnight. I couldn’t walk up the stairs to my bedroom, so I sat still and continued drinking. I’m already drunk, what harm will a little more whiskey do?. Charlotte is probably in her room sleeping. It’s way past her
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Benson. Trust me you don’t want to shoot a detective”, detective Raymond said.
“Oh detective! Trust me I do”, I said while pointing the gun at them. I looked to my left and noticed that Charlotte was here. When did she get here? Then it clicked; she was the one that opened the door for the detectives. The female detective noticed I was starring at Charlotte, so she said “ Mr. Benson, don’t do anything you will regret”. I replied with “it’s too late for that”
She sighed “ I know you have been hurt by people around you, so I’m sure you know how your daughter feels. Her mother left her, just like the way your parents left you. But add to that the fact that she is being treated badly by her father, that is worse than what you went through as a child. She just found out that her father killed someone. Do you want her to witness her father killing another person in from of her? Or maybe her father dying because the police shot him? You don’t want her to go through that. She has gone through enough.”
I looked at my daughter and for the first time I saw her as a ten-year-old girl that has gone through enough. I lowered my gun and said, “ I’m sorry Charlotte”. She didn’t reply, she just stared at me while the detectives handcuffed me and took me
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