Prolonged Steadicam Shot In Anderson's Films

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Prolonged steadicam shots are now a signature move in Anderson’s films. Anderson has called Martin Scorsese one of his main influences for becoming a filmmaker, and this is obvious with Anderson’s frequent use of Steadicam shots. For example, the opening shot in Boogie Nights is in similar style to Scorsese’ opening in the nightclub scene in Goodfellas’ (1990).

In Boogie Nights the opening shot is 2:52 minutes in length. It opens first showing the clubs name which is ‘Boogie Nights’ then goes into a crane shot showing the strip and setting the scene for the film. Unlike Scorsese, who has a voice over in his steadicam shot, Anderson lets the scene speak for itself. The camera’s position forces the audience to focus on each new character, which
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