Prometheus : Alien Religion.

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Somtochukwu BOC-Ifeobu
Dr. Detore-Nakamura
HU 145 (Themes in Humanities)
2 December 2014
Prometheus: Alien Religion
Prometheus is a 2012 science-fiction movie directed by Ridley Scott. In this movie, a group of humans leave earth in the year 2093 on a ship called Prometheus for a distant planet in search of the creators of humanity or engineers. While watching this movie, one can notice many Judeo-Christian themes and references to Christianity’s Jesus Christ. Based on these references, the movie can be seen as an allegory/symbolic representation of Jesus Christ, the crucifixion and the sins of the world. This essay highlights religious references in this book and explains their symbolism. There are many similarities between the movie Prometheus and the life of Jesus. For example, the title of the movie, Prometheus, refers to a titan in Greek mythology who created mankind, and defied the gods for humanities’ sake, by giving humanity fire which belonged to the gods and was thus chained up to a stone where his liver was eaten everyday by an eagle and grew back before the next day as his punishment for eternity. This is also similar to how Jesus sacrifices himself in order to save humanity (Matthew 20). Also, in the very first scene of the movie, a humanoid alien drinks a liquid from a cup, then starts to disintegrate, and his remains cascade into a waterfall. The alien’s DNA then serves as a trigger for a biogenetic reaction, birthing life on the planet. This opening scene
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