Prometheus And Zeus Start From Different Sides Of An Ancient And Bloody War Essay

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Originating from different sides of an ancient and bloody war, Prometheus and Zeus start from different ends of a spectrum. As a young god, Zeus is thereby a young ruler. His inexperience in ruling is obvious. Zeus had established his reign by violently overthrowing his father in a bloody war and spread his rule through subjugation. By imprisoning Cronus and the Titans in Tartarus and appointing his relatives and children in positions under him, Zeus forcefully raised himself into the position of a supreme ruler. Zeus knows no methods apart from vigorous and powerful ones in order to maintain his authority. In the beginning of the play in which Prometheus is being chained to a rock, “Power” and “Force” act as agents of Zeus and command Hephaestus. Zeus is defined by strength and harshness. They are the characteristics that have exalted him to his high position as a supreme ruler and they are now used to pave his way toward absolute dominance. “He is harsh, as all those new to power are harsh” (Aeschylus 2). Zeus’s cruel methods are noticed and even criticized by those who serve him. However, none oppose him because of the fear Zeus instilled into them. “And all the same I am required to bear it: it’s hard to set aside my father’s words” (Aeschylus 2). Hephaestus shows discontent towards Zeus’s decisions and only shows obedience because he is afraid of Zeus. Though he does not oppose Zeus, he sympathizes with Prometheus as he chains him to a rock. “Aah Prometheus, I’m sorry
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