Prominent Social Media Websites

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Social media websites are becoming more prominent in today’s society. They allow users to share personal information with friends, family, and the general public (Electronic Fontier Foundation, n.d.). Because of this, users need to be more aware of privacy dangers that are lurking behind corners in the continuing advancement of technology. Popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ have millions of users accessing their accounts on a daily basis. But how many of them actually know the fine print or take the time to understand and change their privacy settings? Smartphones have added convenient access to social networks and now have the ability to share the user’s location with followers (Electronic Fontier Foundation, n.d.). Users typically are very trusting and post personal information that otherwise would have been kept private. There are many cases where people post birthdays, where they live and even their employment history (Ciampa, 2010). Due to the amount of personal data that is collected on these sites, they have become a gold mine for identity thieves, marketers, and professional government snoops (Electronic Fontier Foundation, n.d.). Though users should learn to be more careful with what they share on the internet, social media websites should form privacy settings to better protect their users and attempt to keep them better informed. It is among the social media sites where the issue stands. There is a lack of communication and education from
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