Promised.Christ Preached To Those In Paradise, Which Was

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promised. Christ preached to those in paradise, which was a holding place, as Jesus had not yet risen from the grave. Where would there be a need to preach to those in Hell, as their status would remain unchanged till the day they are cast body and soul into the Lake of Fire? You do not serve a Jesus still hanging upon a cross. He is no longer there, for He has risen. You serve a living Saviour. These spirits were not created with flesh and bones, for as Jesus said in Luke 24:39 “a spirit hath not flesh and bones.” The angels said The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified, and rise again the third day (Luke 24:7). There is much conjecture concerning what day of the week Christ was…show more content…
The Sabbath day was a day of rest (Genesis 2:3). Unlike our days of twenty-four hours that begin at twelve O 'clock midnight, the Jews day begins at the setting of the sun till the setting of the sun, which marks the next day. What were the thoughts of those who had just seen the Lord buried, and now find a risen Christ? How do you know the account of the soldiers was not true? What will you now do with a risen Saviour? Sometime after the beginning of Sunday, Christ arose. The Roman guard was there as well as the chief priests and Pharisees to secure the tomb, yet the power of God was over them and they could not prevent Jesus from coming out of the tomb. Suddenly the earth shook with a great earthquake. It was not just an ordinary earthquake, but a great earthquake. An angel of the Lord descended from Heaven, rolled back the stone from the door, sat upon it, and whose features were like lightning, and raiment white as snow. For fear of the earthquake and the angel, the frightened guards shook, thinking they would die, and certainly they had a great cause. The soldiers were suddenly guarding an empty tomb, and with no need to be there. The body was 53 gone, the seal was broken. Part of the guard went into the city of Jerusalem to the chief priests and reported to them what had taken place. They assembled, plotting what they might do, devising a plan of telling others that the disciples stole the body of Jesus at night while they slept,

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