Promote Creativity And The Workplace Effectively

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Promote Creativity in the Workplace Effectively This research paper will be exploring the different ways and techniques companies can use creativity in order to become a successful organization. Employees encouraged to think creative have proven to come up with new ideas to improve the work place, problem solving, new products, and much more. Employees have also demonstrated to be more satisfied in their jobs because they feel as though their idea make a difference. There are numerous of ways to encourage creative and this will be elaborated in the paper. Allowing workers creativity to flow in the workplace has revolutionized the working field in our changing society. Our workplace has “become much more of a thought-based economy than a widget-based one” (Fries, 2010) which demands new ideas and innovation. Creativity has led to innovative technology, products, services, problem solving and much more. “Creativity is the mental and social process used to generate ideas, concepts and associations that lead to the exploitation of new ideas” (May). Encouraging employees to think creatively has results in “a higher sense of hope and well-being and thus express more positive emotions and employees are able to broaden their thought processes” (Huebner, 2011). Soring companies such as Google, 3M, and Gore & Associates believe in promoting creativity as they provide programs for employees to think creatively, Google offers a 20% program, 3M a 15% program, and Gore & Associates
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