Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People

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UNIT 306 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people 1.1 Identify the current legislation and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity. When working in a school it is important that staff is aware of the ever changing legislation, especially the aspects related to promoting equality and valuing diversity. We need to be able to identify their relevance in school and that we are aware of them when carrying out our roles. Current legislation and Codes of Practice Every Child Matters 2003 - covers children and young adults up to the age of 19, or 24 for those with disabilities. Its main aims are for every child, whatever their background or…show more content…
All humans have the same rights and are treated equally. Human rights are meant for everyone, no matter what their race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, political beliefs, intelligence, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. Our basic human rights are: • Right to privacy • Right to live • Right to have a family • To own property • Free Speech • Safety from violence • Equality of both males and females • Fair trial • To be innocent until proven guilty • To be a citizen of a country • The right to express his or her sexual orientation • To vote • To think freely • To believe and practice the religion a person wants • Health care • Education • Not be forced into marriage • The right to love • The right to work • The right to express oneself (Source: – Human Rights) Un Convention on the Right of the Child 1989 - it sets out in detail what every child (under the age of 18) needs to have for a safe, happy and fulfilled childhood. It includes children’s civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and promises to provide what a child needs to
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