Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health and Social Care Task 303

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Promote equality and inclusion in health and social care 303 task bi Induction information leaflet. The Equality Act is a legislation that is in place to ensure that people are given equal rights and opportunities regardless of their age, gender, disability, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation. This legislation promotes diversity, equality and inclusion by making it a requirement that they are commonly practiced and incorporated into the health and social care setting, making it illegal to discriminate against a person/or persons for any reason. The main Acts incorporated into the Equality Act 2010 are; • The Care Quality Commission • The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 • Human Rights Act 1998…show more content…
Also this could have long term effect on the S.U, making them feel anxious, frustrated or isolated. This can also have a negative effect on other carers, causing stress and frustration in the team. In some cases poor CQC reports can be filed and made public, making the public view the health and social care sector in a negative light. Which could then prevent people who need care and support from receiving it through fear of being abused or neglected. C Inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity by eliminating discrimination by making it unlawful. This means that there are no barriers that would make it difficult for people from different aspects of life to get the support they need regardless of age, gender, culture, religion disability etc. By allowing the person in your care to make decisions for themselves and recognising them as a individual with their own preferences, beliefs and needs, you are empowering them. Another good example of inclusive practice is disabled access to a leisure facility that didn’t originally have those facilities, allowing there to be more equality and diversity amongst the people using it. This promotes equality and diversity because all the people using the facility now have an equal opportunity to access the facility despite having or not having a disability. D A CSW can promote
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