Promote Learning and development in the early years

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1.1 In the EYFS there are 6 areas of learning and development, these are: Communication and language development involves giving children a language-enabling environment to give them confidence and skills in expressing themselves and to communicate and listen in various situations. Physical development includes providing opportunities for young children to be physically active and interactive, also to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children must also be taught the importance of physical activity and also the importance of having a healthy diet. Personal, social, and emotional development includes helping children to gain a positive image of themselves and others to enable them to form positive relationships and…show more content…
Commitments: -observation, assessment and planning -supporting every child -the learning environment -the wider context Theme 4- learning and development Principle: children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of development and learning are equally important and interconnected. Commitments: -play and exploration -active learning -creativity and critical thinking -areas of development and learning 1.3 In the EYFS it states that children should be reaching goals for their age at that time, observations are used to record and see if those goals are being met. The child’s development has to be recorded but it does not matter how, in my setting we call them learning journals. This is where monthly the child’s observations are recorded in their matching any relevant goals from the EYFS. Also to back up some observations the practitioners will take photos of the child doing something, they could also record the child saying something on a Dictaphone. There is also planning where the practitioners record what goals the child has hit and what goals the child is working to hit, it also states the activities used to reach those goals. 5.1 In my setting to support learning and development we give each child a on entry summary this then tells us what stage they are working at when
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