Essay on Promote Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

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Explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work
There is no doubt that person-centred care values must influence all aspects of health and social care work. Health and social care should be based on person-centred values, and should be individualised as this is a law requirement (Human Rights Act 1998, Health and Social care Act 2012, Codes of practice for Social Care Workers, etc). If person-centre values that underpin all work in the health and social care sector are followed as they should be then all individuals should feel that and health and social workers ensure that:
• the individual is supported in accessing their rights
• the individual is treated has an individual
• the
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Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be readily established
Consent should be obtained before carrying out any form of care or activity with any individual; if consent cannot be obtained then any form of care etc should not be carried out. If consent cannot be readily established and patient presents in an emergency situation, is unconscious, mentally incapable, and with no family available, and no advanced directive in place, it is considered reasonable to treat the patient. It is assumed that under these conditions, the patient would consent to treat. If there is a language barrier, and the patient is otherwise capable of giving consent, a reasonable effort must be made to find an interpreter, which includes using the ones through the phone companies. If the patient's life is in danger, and there is nobody who can communicate with them, then with careful documentation, treatment can be delivered.
Describe different ways of applying active participation to meet individual's needs
You can implement active participation for an activity with an individual by following these steps:
• Break the task into small parts and let the individual do whatever they can, for example, if you load the washing machine you can guide them to select the right programme and switch it on.
• Don't overwhelm the individual with information while they are concentrating. Keep disturbance to a minimum, such as background noise or
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