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1. Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice Within my role, it is important to continually improve knowledge and practice so I am aware of how to give the best diverse and equal care to children, stay fully up to date with all standards and legislations. Regarding parents, they are the customer and this entails all care towards their child may need to be explained to them. E.g. what is the Early Years Foundation Stage? Parent evenings help me to improve knowledge of the child’s home life and personal care needs, as well as building bonds with parents so they feel they can further their trust in myself and my team. I also update the children’s learning
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There are also other factors to consider such as time restrictions, access to resources, financial constrictions and staff ratio levels. For example; resource restrictions may develop if the office is unavailable. Another example of time restrictions can arise if staff are absent and so children’s observations are jeopardised- this then results in daily records not been kept up to date.

1. . How do you evaluate own knowledge and performance against standards and benchmarks? My performance is regulated by my Proprietor, Ofsted, Policies and procedures of the setting, and also legislation. I am evaluated in two ways; by myself through reflective practice and by others through inspections, appraisals and quality assurance methods. Ofsted give clear guidelines on how the setting should run on a daily basis. This is evaluated by ongoing paperwork and meeting targets. Policies and procedures put into place guidelines on all care standards and regulations that all staff should adhere too. This is evaluated through appraisals and reflective practice. For example: When starting in the setting, I observed a staff member ‘doing for’ the children, rather than encouraging them. This was regarding the children’s independence and found that rather than staff giving out the children’s cutlery and cups during lunch- the children help each other to hand it out. I enforced this by having an informal chat with my Manager after careful observation. During
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