Essay on Promote Professional Development

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It is important to continually strive to improve our knowledge and the way we practice, this can be applied to personal or professional goals. Developing our potential, will enhance our work role and promote our talents. It enhances our lives and contributes to achieving our dreams and aspirations

Continued professional development is important, and it’s not just about attending training courses. It about promoting a culture for learning, with work based learning at the centre of this. In order to meet the needs of its service users.

This enables staff to keep up-to-date with current legislation, care standards it expands their knowledge, and helps the meet their full potential, it promotes a culture of lifelong learning It
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• Training being in another country/ distance/ time, this is a problem for our schemes in England, other problems faced is having enough staff requiring the same training here in England to justify the trainer flying over hear. A possible way that this can be overcome, could be maybe training more staff over here that can deliver certain training, and become training champions, working together so that all our staff training is due at the same time, would then make it more cost effective to have trainers over from Ireland.
• Parental responsibilities/ single parents/ child care/ work life balance. Working around a young child can be a juggling act. In order to support parents, we should give as much notice as possible to enable them to find child care. Be flexible in our approach, offer flexible working and offer advice and understanding of their difficulties.
• Staffing levels/ lack of cover, being short staffed and then having other staff on training can cause stress and strain on the service. One way to possibly combat this is staggering training days, and getting in relief staff if budgets allow.
• Intellectual barriers/ over confident/ don’t feel they need to be trained, I think that in this situation it needs to be discussed during supervision/ appraisals, assessments and feedback. Identifying area’s that are lacking, discussing the benefits of CPD, how it will enhance their role and job satisfaction/
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