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Unit 2 Promote professional development The importance of professional knowledge and practice with in the role of a social care worker is so that they can be kept up to date with all the changes. Within the health care profession all staff must be proactive and focused in their roles, with an ever changing of legislation and minimum standards, it is important that training and the ways of working are kept up to date. Each person within the team should been given an opportunity to develop further within the company, if this mean that they attend further training, then this should be part of the company’s policies and procedure. A company can only be as good as the staff they employ. If the company wishes to progress to the heights of…show more content…
Many companies now do work based learning were an independent training provider will come in and do NVQ’s with the staff to save them going to college. Professional development comes as well from the managers within the company as long as they are supportive. you can learn a lot from working with your managers. Talking to your managers either in formal meetings or in an open door policies helps to further your career. I have worked within the care profession for almost 9 years, in which i started as a support worker, I have been encourage along the way to develop my career by up skilling and doing the various training that is required. Within my role I am bound by the regulations and codes of practices set out by the CQC and the national minimum standards, I am responsible for making sure that the welfare of the staff and service user and their families . within my role I am expected to work with staff, service users and their families, that their rights and choices are met. for me to do this I have to follow the codes of practice that are set out before me and my knowledge is kept unto date so that I can pass this information on to the relevant people. Within my role I have risk assessments to do to make sure that all staff and service user are working within the health and safety of the company. Within the company we have a training manager who is responsible for setting out the
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