Promote and Implement Health and Safety in Health and Social Care

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Promote and implement health and safety in health and social care

Unit 4222-306


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Outcome 1 - Understand own responsibilities and the responsibilities of others, relating to health and safety

*Remember to refer to relevant legislation, codes of practice, local policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines in your answers
You can give examples to illustrate your answers

Assessment criteria (AC)1

Identify legislation relating to health and safety
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Employers must ensure the health and safety of employees at work and other people on the premises.
Employers must display a certificate of employers liability insurance.
Employers must display the poster ‘Health and Safety Law – what you should know.’
Employers must ensure that employees receive adequate and appropriate information, instruction and training to carry out their work safely.
Undertake risk assessments for all hazards.

Employee responsibilities:

Employees must comply with legislation and ensure that their actions do not adversely affect others.
Employees must take reasonable care for their own safety and that of others.
Co-operate with the employer in respect of health and safety matters.
Not intentionally damage any health and safety equipment or materials provided by the employer. Others responsibilities:

The main health and safety responsibilities of others include abiding by the health and safety policies of the organisation and various health and safety acts.

AC 4

Identify specific tasks in the work setting that should not be carried out without special training

Tasks that should not be carried out without special training include use of equipment, first aid, administering medication, health care procedures, and food handling and preparation. No one should carry out these procedures without the necessary training in order to protect not only the patient, but themselves.
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