Promote children's welfare and well being in the early years

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Promote children 's welfare and well being in the early years 1.1 Explain the Welfare requirements and guidance in the early years framework Settings must take all the necessary steps to keep children safe and well, they must ensure the suitability of all adults who come into contact with them via vetting procedures, health, training, qualifications and ratio 's, they must inform Ofsted of any changes in circumstance of any staff or family member i.e. criminal conviction. promote good health, and a healthy attitude towards food/drink and a healthy lifestyle including no smoking and have good hygiene routines and take into consideration and special dietary needs. manage behaviour effectively and appropriately according to…show more content…
Ratio 's Child Minders At any one time, childminders may care for a maximum of six children under the age of eight, Of these six children, a maximum of three may be young children, and there should only be one child under the age of one. Any care provided for older children must not adversely affect the care of children receiving early years provision Ratio 's are in place as the well-being and safety of the children are paramount if there is not adequate supervision then safety is compromised, with lower ratio 's quality child care is given, with lots of 1-1 and small group interactions. 3.1 Explain how to promote children’s health and well-being in a early years setting In the setting we promote children 's health and well-being by having a safe environment that has been risk assessed and is relevant to the age and stage of the child provide healthy food choices and fresh water. Support good hygiene Providing a place to sleep or rest and a place to be active have appropriate clothing according to the weather having positive relationships and someone that knows the child 's needs interests, behaviour communication skills, likes and dislikes. Providing a environment that offers choices, is challenging and the importance of balancing risk. Gaining all relevant information regarding the child 's health, immunisations, and health checks. Support any cultural and lifestyle choice at home, gain knowledge of the child
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