Promote effective communication with individuals with sensory loss

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Unit 4222-395 Promote effective communication with individuals with sensory loss 1.1 The communication that takes place between two people (the sender and the receiver) is known as two way communication. The main feature of two way communication is the flow of information from both ways. This process is called a communication cycle as the process goes around in circles. • Ideas occur – individual thinks of something they want to communicate. Communication always has a purpose. It might be to pass on information or an idea, to express a need or want to persuade someone to do something. • Message coded – individual thinks about how they are going to say what they are thinking and decides in what form the communication will be i.e…show more content…
I need to take time to listen and understand the individual. I should adjust the length of conversation to maximise the individual’s ability to remain attentive and help decrease stress levels. I may need to give instructions and have conversations in a quiet calm environment. I should describe job tasks clearly and concisely and simply. I need to break down large tasks into clearly defined small steps keeping descriptions short and direct. As a professional, it is my responsibility to make sure that my communication skills meet the needs of the people I support. I should not expect people to adjust their communication to fit in with me. The best way to find out about what individuals want and need, of course, is to ask. The individuals concerned are always my first and best source of information about their needs and the best way to meet them. But asking is not always possible. I can discover some information about communication needs, wishes and preferences by observing someone or by talking with other colleagues who have worked with the person previously and by talking to family or friends. They are likely to have a great deal of information about the communication needs are for the individual. They will have developed ways of dealing with communication, possibly over a long period of time, and are likely to be a very useful source of advice and help. Effective communication may have a positive impact on the lives of
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