Promoting A Child 's Safety Is The Main Goal Of Any Parent

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Vaccinating Youth
Helping maintain a child 's safety is the main goal of any parent. Having children become vaccinated can allow the child to be protected from many common illnesses. Common vaccinations that most children are able to get at a young age can help cure problems that occur both early on and later in life. With these vaccinations, science has come great ways to keeping children safe and happy. Although there are risks for children who are receiving them, having a child vaccinated is the best way to keep children from becoming very ill.
Many common contagious diseases like measles and diphtheria posed serious health threats, especially in highly populated urban environments. Thanks to scientific breakthroughs and effective campaigns to promote childhood vaccination, these diseases were nearly eradicated in the Western hemisphere by the late 1990s (Rabinowitz et al. 1). Each of these diseases can be prevented by a vaccination given throughout childhood.
Measles, for example, is a highly contagious rash that spreads across the body and can cause extremely high temperatures with symptoms similar to those of a common cold. Children can be vaccinated any time from twelve months to twelve years of age. For the first dose, it is recommended for children from ages twelve to fifteen months (CDC). This vaccination prevents children from obtaining measles early on in life. Diphtheria is similar to measles for both are treated very young in age.
Diphtheria is a
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