Promoting A New Rice Wine

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To promote a new rice wine I have created a 60 second commercial where the enlightened Zen master Ikkyū uses the five basic categories of sabi, wabi, aware, yugen, and ma to demonstrate the kosher of this new product. Ikkyū was used due to his notoriety for his infusion of Japanese art and literature with Zen attitudes and ideals. Ikkyū’s significance and understanding of Zen culture made him the perfect candidate to conduct a tea ceremony to demonstrate the quality and spiritualness of the new rice wine.
The commercial will begin with a panning shot of a rock pathway leading to a teahouse. In the background of the panning shot will be the rock garden that faces east. The tea ceremony will be taking place at sunrise so that the sun will be rising over the rock garden. During this shot, the sonorous and melancholy chirping of birds will be used to evoke a peaceful but sad emotion. Together the birds and sun will symbolize the beautiful but fragile and ephemeral nature of life, whereby the birds’ enchanting songs at the start of the day will be silenced by the sun’s setting at the end of the day.
The panning shot will end at the doorframe and the camera shot will assume an angle from which the viewer will feel that he/she is the one taking part in the tea ceremony. By using cinematography, in particular the anonymity creates a will to produce the idea of standing between being and non-being. The doorframe will present a sense of space and emptiness. Beside the
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