Promoting A Positive Learning Environment Essay

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At this point you are gradually assuming additional responsibilities for teaching, classroom management and teacher duties. Now is the time to start thinking of what you know about your students’ everyday experiences, cultural backgrounds and practices, and interests and how that can help you keep students motivated and your classroom as a positive learning environment. You should also note what educational technologies are being used and identify possible areas of improvement. The aim is to identify and intentionally infuse educational technology throughout the learning process.

1. What are the classroom procedures and rules that need to be followed? How do the students know what they are? How did the classroom teacher establish this environment?

When first arriving in the morning, students are to take out their yellow folder to continue working on materials students are not finished with. At this time the teacher checks for attendance and lunch. When announcement come up they are to put things down and listen to announcements. Students know to do this from daily practice. During lessons, the teacher touches her head to signal to students that it’s her turn to talk. She then says, “your turn” where students are to repeat the word she said. During guided reading the teacher has 4-5 students in a group, during this time the rest of the students are to follow whatever their center activity tag says. The teacher will say
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