Promoting Adolescent Girls For Leadership Opportunities

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Abstract The project intends to establish ways of preparing and engaging adolescent girls for leadership opportunities. The project is based on the fact that women are the epitome of change and that if they are given adequate and necessary support; they are likely to change the situation of the society by mitigating poverty. The analysis will expand on the CARE Gender Empowerment framework, which stipulates that the best way of engaging adolescent girls and women is by focusing on three elements of change, which include the individual change, the structural change, and the relations change. The project will try to identify ways in which these forms of change can be achieved. The findings suggest that the best of ways of engaging girls…show more content…
However, the existing curriculum does not offer a solution either. One of the reason is that educational curriculum is mainly designed by male policy makers and hence is biased towards the girls. The current education system, which is governed by male ideologies often, pin down adolescent girls into a system where they cannot voice their concerns. As a result, they end up doing what society expects them to do- to do household chores and to be housewives. Girls and women are pivotal members of any society. Several studies have demonstrated the power of girls and women in development. If girls and women are given a chance to lead, they are likely to change the development status of any society. Girls and women understand the immediate problems facing the society. They are in direct contact with the societal issues and problems. The history of microfinance and how it was founded is a clear indication that women have a lot of influence on development. Microfinance was founded in Bangladesh and the main player was the women (Sparke, 2013). Women were expected to get loans at small interest and use it to initiate fight poverty. The women, during that time they did a wonderful job. It is not until 2005 when the greedy multinational such as World Bank and IMF intruded into microfinance and turned it into profit-generating enterprise (Sparke, 2013). Since then, microfinance started losing its value.
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