Promoting Cognitive Developments

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LASA 1 Promoting Cognitive Developments Students Name Course name and number Instructors’ name Date submitted LASA 1 Promoting Cognitive Developments A good understanding of how children grow, learn, and change is significant as it allows people to accept and appreciate the cognitive, physical, emotional, educational, and social growth that kids undergo from birth through early adulthood. Piaget is well known for her cognitive developmental theory that sees the kid cognitive development and knowledge, as taking place in different stages. According to his theory, he claims that the child passes through four unique stages of development; Sensorimotor stage (0- 2 years), pre-operational stage (2- 7years), concrete…show more content…
the range in kid’s development between the child’s ability to perform a duty independently and their ability to do a skill with the help of an adult. Erickson believed that the personality of a child tends to develop in a number of stages. One of the primary elements of the stages is ego identity. This is the conscious sense of self that grows through social interaction. According to Erickson, ego identity changes regularly due to the new experiences and information children get through their daily interactions with other kids (Kenpro, 2010). Keith sees cognitive, behavioral therapy as a way of sharing the assumptions that behavioral difference is mediated by various cognitive events. His advice to Jasmine’s parents might vary because of the kind of problem issues. These may include diary of associated feelings and events, behaviors and thoughts; assumptions, questioning and testing cognitions and beliefs that could be unrealistic. Also, this could be majorly by undertaking activities that could have been easily avoided, and by also trying out new methods of reacting and behaving (Herzog et al, 1997). Families play a key role in cognitive development. Families should support early learning in three significant ways (Kenpro, 2010). One is by encouraging the significant of intellectual growth. Secondly, assist the kids in classroom learning, and thirdly engage the kids at home in various cognitive tasks.
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