Promoting Judo to Tier A Elite Sport in Hong Kong Essay

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In recent years, in order to enhance the opportunities to win medals in international competitions, the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) proposed “Elite Sports” to support athletes to reach an elite level. However, only 16 sports events receive "Tier A" support from the Elite Training Program operated by the HKSI with effect from April 2013. The Elite Sports Committee rejected some popular sports, for instance, Judo, soccer and basketball. The issue of whether Judo should be included in Hong Kong Elite Sports (Tier A) has been discussed for several years among scholars and universities in Hong Kong. Despite strong objection from HKSI, however, Judo should be included in the Hong Kong Elite Sports (Tier A), for it brings advantages to the…show more content…
It clearly validates that elitism is not contradictory to popularization and windsurfing is a favourable demonstration of the above. After the victory of Lee Lai-Shan at the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympics, Hong Kong government invested a considerable amount of resources in windsurfing. Judo can absolutely follow the track of windsurfing since some marvellous Judo players are performing outstandingly in the international competitions; for example, YU Kin Ting captured a gold medal in Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games. Promoting judo to Tier A, therefore, helps the promotion of Judo in the community in fact, which simultaneously indicates that the elevation of Judo is an essential and compulsory element in the process of popularization and the road of “Judo for all”.

Judo, in alternative vision, is a special sport that highly emphasizing the moral spirit in respond to the argument that Judo, as a physical activity, should focus more on the other aspects brought on by sports, such as, health status enhancement, socio-cultural issues, including globalization and institutionalization of judo, rather than trophies and winning. One can argue that judo elitism alone is a catalyst of all the issues mentioned above, which is even more effective than other sport events.
According to the Ito’s (2011) study about the assimilation of immigrants to other country’s society, the experiment

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