Essay on Promoting Literacy Development Through Writing

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Entry 1: Promoting Literacy Development through Writing 1. Instructional Context Genesis is a ten year old African American female and is in the fifth grade. She lives in a low income neighborhood with her Grandmother whom has sole custody. While Genesis’ Grandmother would like to play a more active role in her granddaughter’s education, she works a full time job and has health problems that prevent her being able to drive. Genesis was in my fourth grade Read 180 class and is with me again as a fifth grader. I selected this student because she is strong in phonemic awareness, yet her writing scores are weak and she needs the most individualized support in writing. Genesis was referred to me in the third grade because she was a…show more content…
She often needs extra support during any written literacy lessons. Genesis uses few descriptive words in her writing and refuses to use figurative language. She will copy the word of the week in her journal and use it orally in conversation, yet will struggle to use it in writing. I try to involve her in many activities that require written expression such as writing prompts, story summaries and exit slips, but Genesis would rather write short rhyming poems. At the onset of this instructional period, Genesis had started to make some progress towards her individual writing goals and was reading on a reading lexile of 480 which is approximately equivalent to a second grader. This low reading level was made evident in her writing by her use of simple vocabulary and lack of figurative language and lack of precise language. As a reader, she demonstrates the ability to distinguish between points of view, make predictions and draw conclusions from texts, understand the characteristics of poetry (including rhyme, scheme, stanzas and repetition). She displayed these specific strengths and weaknesses as a writer. As a writer, she is able to write in complete sentences and spell commonly confused words correctly. She does not demonstrate the ability to use voice with an emphasis on figurative language, create written descriptions using precise language and use revision strategies to improve the organization of her
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