Promoting Mental Health Essay

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Promoting Mental Health.

The aim of this assignment will be to demonstrate my interventions designed to promote mental health and well being using current national and local policies and campaigns in relation to the patient’s identified needs as well as evidence based therapeutic interventions. Finally I will evaluate my package reflecting on its success or failure.
In order to gain a better understanding of mental health promotion, it is important to gain a definition of promoting mental health. Rosie Winterton (2006) quotes ‘Mental health promotion is key to changing attitudes about mental health across society. The National framework for mental health (DOH 1999) implemented national standards and service models for promoting mental
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The assessment interview was conducted in an isolated room to avoid distractions that may threaten confidentiality and interfere with the effective listening, privacy and dignity of the client, (NMC 2008). I explained to Elizabeth that any information gathered from her would be shared with other health care professionals involved in her care without breaching her confidentiality in compliance to the (NMC 2008) and the (Caldicott Report 1997) unless it was required by the law. Elizabeth’s response was very responsible saying she understood and was willing to co-operate. I continued to engage with Elizabeth using my interpersonal skills; listening, attentiveness, assertiveness, humour, self disclosure and my body language, (Riley 2008). Without these skills I would not have been able to attain the information required to understand her difficulties and formulating sessions.
During our initial session, Elizabeth was very open with me about her cannabis use and personal life. Elizabeth explained how cannabis had changed her and destroyed her marriage. Elizabeth expressed her desire of detoxification, to stay clean and to gain employment. Elizabeth explained how her cannabis use had started off in her young teens where smoking cannabis was seen as ‘being cool’. Elizabeth also explained that it had started to affect her mentally in her late 20’s. I assured Elizabeth that her detoxification would be a tough process for her but as a Nurse I will support her. According to
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