Promoting Parental Involvement Into Schooling

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Promoting Parental Involvement into Schooling


“When parents become involved, children do better in school, and they go to better schools.” said by Anne T. Henderson, author of The Evidence Continues to Grow. There is an old saying: parents are the best teachers for students which means that if parents could work better with schools to support their children’s education, children may possibly achieve not just academic success, but their whole life success. Moreover, as far as Gianzero’s concern (1999), the promotion of tight family-school interrelationship is increasingly viewed and highlighted as an essential component of strategies to improve students’ academic outcomes. Nevertheless, when schools try to bind parents together, there are some barriers and challenges that prevent them from meeting their previous expectations. In this research paper, the obstacles that build the gap between school and parents would be summarized and analyzed and then some useful strategies and recommendations would narrow the gap and bridge between them would be given.

Issues and Barriers to Parental Involvement

The researcher states that the current situation of parental engagement, especially Hispanic parents, Africa Americans parents and parents from other minority groups, is problematic. Parents often feel alienated from schools which most activities more appeal to middle class parents and reluctantly attend parent meeting or parent-teacher conference and then as a…
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