Promoting Positive Health Behaviors Essay

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Promoting Positive Health Behaviors Identifying a Problem Healthcare in the United States continues to strive to meet the goal of early detection of disease and illness. The purpose for early detection through any screening program is to detect diseases and identify risk factors connected with the disease, with the end result focusing on preventive care. The method of preventative screening for disease has demonstrated the ability to save lives, as well as decrease the costs of healthcare (Backer, Geske, McIlvain, Dodendorf, & Minier, 2005). A population health issue of concern is the contracting and spreading of the Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV. HPV is a virus that is contracted sexually through skin to skin contact…show more content…
Given that HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States, along with the cervical cancer rates and the success rates of the vaccinations, legal questions arise when deciding to mandate the vaccination for both boys and girls. (Chen, 2012, p. 289). As with any vaccination, parents state there are concerns as to side effects and potential health issues that can occur for these young adults from receiving the vaccination. Other concerns of parents is that giving their child this vaccination implies approval from the parents for these young adults to have sexual activity (Chen, 2012, p. 290). Because of these concerns with the vaccination, many states remain in a debate over making the vaccination mandatory, however, in 2012, the Texas Governor Rick Perry was one of the first to mandate the vaccination for girls (Chen, 2102, p. 290). One forgotten issue among the debate is the fact that the male gender are largely responsible for spreading the majority of HPV infections to both women and other men. This becomes a concern because in the states where the vaccine is mandated, it is only mandated for girls (Chen, 2102, p.291). Mandating the vaccination for females does decrease the chance of the female population acquiring HPV but deems to be an ineffective measure since more than half of men in the United States will acquire HPV at
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