Promoting a Healthy and Safety Environment in an Early Childhood Education Setting

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The essay will discuss three important aspects of sleeping facilities, nutrition and hand washing for a healthy environment in early childhood education. Learning and developments of children are greatly enhanced by a healthy environment. It will also explain three policies that relate to these aspects. Strategies will also be mentioned to elaborate on the aspects and policies. Families, communities and centres should work together to provide and promote a healthy upbringing of young children. It will also include the areas needed to be improving further in the early childhood healthy environment and safety policies and practices. First, sleeping facilities are very important aspect for promoting health and well-being of children in an…show more content…
Therefore all centres should abide by the policy because the health and well-being of the children must be protected. Further improvement on the policy and practice could involve children, who could participate by helping staff members put their bedding away or stored in individual locker. That helps children to learn and develop self-help and self-care skills in the process (Ministry of Education, 1996). Sometime parents, families or communities could come and visit, participate with children, also help them clean or tidy up their bedding. For example parents can read or share stories or sing lullabies to make children feel safe and their sense of belonging while they are in the centre. Secondly, good nutrition is an essential aspect that determines children’s growth and development in the early childhood education service. Healthy food should be promoted to children to prevent the risk of diabetes, tooth decay, heart attack and high blood pressure in their later life. However, to keep children safe during the service always supervise them to prevent choking risks while they eat. In addition enhancing children’s balance in their diet. Services must also provide sufficient amount of pure water and various foods choices such as variety vegetables, fruit, milk, bread, meats and an alternative. When children are thirsty, educators should be encouraging them to drink plenty of water, because water appeases
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