Promoting a Skillful, Safe Cockpit Essay

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On a cold February evening in 2009 two years ago, just outside the city of Buffalo, New York, two pilots crashed a new aircraft on final approach to land into Buffalo Niagara International Airport. In an effort to prevent an accident of a similar nature from happening, the U.S. Congress passed H.R. 5900 the ‘Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act.’ This bill under Title II was aimed to enhance airline safety and in part prevent an accident of this nature from occurring again (U.S. House 2010, 3). Section 217 of bill pushes the minimum hours required to act as a pilot on a regional carrier up to 1500 total flight hours as well as requires those persons to do an extensive Air Transport Pilots examination. Although…show more content…
Asia’s economy is booming and this boom has resulted in the growth of many startup carriers that offer tax-free salaries and free housing. The requirement to fly in Asia is a lot lower than 1,500 and the planes the pilots get to fly are a lot larger, certainly this is a very attractive opportunity. The potential migration would cause many airlines to have planes but no one qualified to fly them. Also, with the growing economy more people would have enough money to fly instead of drive. Therefore, more positions would be available for entry level pilots. In addition, the cost to become a pilot is already expensive causing low interest; this law would just make it even worse. By calculation, if a potential pilot were to start today he would be probably facing a debt of between $50,000 and $80,000 just to receive the flight training required to gain 250 hours. (ibtimes) Added to this is the cost of attending a college with an accredited program. Potential pilots could be looking at paying well over $200,000 in loans to be able to fly. Before pilots were somewhat assured that once they work hard and pass through all the training received from college and flight school they would be able to become a pilot with one of the regional carriers and make a small salary until the
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