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1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. Behaviour is the way in which we act, speak and treat other people and our environment. Children and young people whose early social and emotional development is positive are more likely to make friends, settle well into school and understand how to behave appropriately in different situations. They have strong self- esteem and a sense of self-worth, but also have a feeling of empathy for others. They understand what the boundaries are, and why they are necessary. Behaviour has a significant impact on current and later success for children and young people, in terms of their social skill development, education…show more content…
Children must be encouraged to recognise that bullying, fighting, hurting and discriminatory comments are not acceptable behaviour. In my placement children are to recognise that certain actions are right and that others are wrong. Bullying takes many forms. It can be physical, verbal or emotional, but it is always a repeated behaviour that makes other people feel uncomfortable or threatened. Examples of the policy at my placement is as follows: The Kingfisher Pre-school recognises that due to the age ranges of the children in our care that there will be cases of the children presenting challenging types of behaviour. In order to ensure that inappropriate behaviour does not become the norm, particularly when it is directed towards other children in the setting, we try to promote the children’s understanding of acceptable behaviour through planned activities and routines. For the purpose of this policy and taking into account the ages of the children, bullying has been defined as follows:- Physical Hitting and kicking on a regular basis Verbal Name calling Indirect Regularly excluding another child from games and refusing to share resources with them. If we feel that a child is consistently presenting a form of inappropriate behaviour towards the other children or adults their parents or carers will be informed. We will then work together in

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