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Starbucks Corporation is a leading international coffee and coffeehouse, which was founded in 1971 with 16,120 stores in 49 countries. In the United States alone, it has about 11,000 stores (Starbucks Corporation: Starbucks Company Description). Starbucks started as a local coffee shop in Seattle, Washington by English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegel, and writer Gordon Bowker. They initially purchased their coffee from Alfred Peet, the founder of Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and later set up their own roasting operations. Their passion for quality coffee as well as exotic tea and their good business sense helped them run a profitable business and open three more Starbucks stores by the
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A podcast is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded through the web (iTunes, Zune, Juice and Winamp). The podcast provides the same information in pamphlets in spoken words while providing a video of new product, its ingredients and the process by which it will be produced. The use of podcasts enhance consumers by providing the information in pamphlets to potential consumers that currently do not frequent stores and would not have access to printed pamphlets. Starbucks has done well with its promotion mix. As a strong global brand, Starbucks was built upon a reputation for fine products and services. It definitely met its long range goal of becoming the most recognized brand of coffee in the world and as of today, Starbucks Corporation still remains a fine coffee industry and a very profitable organization with its strong performance. Starbucks still needs to improve The best expansion opportunity for Starbucks would be getting a license to open Starbucks coffee shops on University campuses. Starbucks has to expend its existing market segmentation throughout Generation Teens by offering free internet in all Starbucks coffeeshops, and new customized drinks, such as blenders with fresh fruits and variety of ingredients that teenagers would have fun and enjoy consuming. Since nowadays going green is a main concern in our lives, Starbucks could meet growing trends by

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