Promotion Of The Archery Trade Association

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Promotion A 2009 survey by the Archery Trade Association reported the percent of advertising mixes that have been most effective in the archery industry. The pricing was received from primary sources such as Superior Archery, Billings Gazette, and Carmike cinema. Signage It is important for Superior Archery to implement its new symbol in the form of a sign on the property of the facility in order to introduce and reinforce Superior Archery’s brand. The sign will help draw attention and will be recognizable and consistent with other forms of advertising in the future. Advertising Mix The following are the methods Superior Archery will use to advertise its products or services. Radio (18%) • Pros o Large advertising channel o Multiple…show more content…
Website (10%) • Pros o Able to track hits o Brand associated • Cons o Maintenance • Costs o Development $1,750 to $1,900 o Maintenance $100 hr. (Leonard, 2015) o Time Trade Shows • Pros o Archery demographic o Brand awareness o Direct contact with consumer o Variety of location • Cons o Competition o Travel • Costs o Traveling expenses o Time away from retail store o Booth fees o Advertising signage Billboard (4%) • Pros o Well placed o Reaches over 80% of consumers o Visual • Cons o Limited location • Costs o Printing costs $500 o Ad cost 0.80 per square feet (Prosser, 2013) o Billings, Montana $450 billboard rental 10 x 30 in size (OutdoorBillboard, n.d.) Newspaper (21%) • Pros o Local demographics o Niche audience • Cons o Not everyone reads the paper o Older generation o Declining market • Costs o Ad, full color, full page or less, $695 o Single sheet inserts, Sunday $66.57 to $99.87 depending on the location of insert Magazine (5%) • Pros o Target specific • Cons o Limited audience • Costs o $250 - $1,600 o Eighth page ad $250 o Quarter page ad $500 o Half page ad $850 o Full page ad $1,400 o Full page back cover $1,600 (Turcotte, 2015) Budget The Trade Show Association survey states the highest-ranking places to use company resources for advertising are billboards at 87%, newspapers at 80%, and radio at 78%. The most effective forms of advertising are Television at 6.83%, online or
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