Promotion Strategy: Nike Athletic Shoes

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Promotion Strategy: Nike Athletic Shoes Currently, Nike has a strong promotional strategy for its shoes. The "just do it" slogan has been around for years, and most people can clearly identify that slogan as belonging to the Nike brand (Nike, 2012). Nike also uses many different celebrities and famous people to market their products. When athletes that everyone recognizes wear Nike shoes, it only makes sense that others who admire those athletes would also want to wear those shoes. The more athletes and celebrities Nike can get for their commercials and advertisements, the more likely the company will be to have success with getting more and more people to buy and use their shoes. Another thing Nike does to make sure that people like and want their shoes is to promote the quality of the shoes (Nike, 2012). When there is good quality, people want to buy the product. Nike knows that it has to provide quality, or people will not want the product that is offered. Even when people buy Nike shoes, they will not buy them again if they are not happy with what they received the first time. That is a careful consideration for Nike. It is not always easy to promote a product that belongs to a large company (Jain, 1990; Jarillo, 1988). Nike has a big demographic, and does not target just athletes. Nike shoes can be bought almost anywhere that sells good quality shoes. While runners and athletes commonly buy them, people who simply like the look and the logo also buy them. There

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