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`TABLE OF CONTENTS S.NO. TOPIC Pg No. 1. Executive Summary 5-6 2. Brief History and Introduction 7-11 Of the company 3. Plan of Research 12-36 4. Research Methodology 37-44 5. Data collection & Data 45-57 Analysis 6.…show more content…
In a short span of time, the company has been able to make a mark for itself by catering to the software needs of the professionals and corporates. The service edge of the Company lies in its accuracy, reliability, timeliness, confidentiality, cost effectiveness, continuity, and customer support and resource optimization. This has resulted in a satisfied customer base of over 15000 users for our software products. Our software packages have been widely appreciated and recommended by reputed Companies and CA firms. Mission and vision of the company is to achieve competitive advantage by rapidly delivering cost-effective, advanced, high-end technology enabled value-added business solutions and Dedicated towards Making IT a way of Life. Product of the company WEB-E-TDS – Complete TDS/TCS Management & E-Filing Software WEB-E-TAX - A Complete Software Solution for Preparation & Filing of ITR Forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATES - Licensed LRA of MTNL TRUSTLINE WEB-E-SECURE - A Complete Software Solution for Data Security and Auto Back Up. WEB-D-VAT - A Complete Software Solution for D-VAT Management and E-Filing E-TDS |DISTINCTIVE FEATURES |

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