Promotion of New and Renewable Sources of Energy Essay

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Promotion of New and Renewable Sources of Energy


Energy plays a crucial role in the economic development of all nations, especially those with limited access to resources. Access to energy sources is one of the fundamental elements of poverty reduction and sustainable development. It is for this reason that renewable energy and energy efficiency is essential to protect and preserve, as it provides a basis for economic advances, increased education, and environment sustainability. The United Nations is committed to alleviating these pressing concerns through the implementation of programs such as the Millennium Development Goals and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, as well as through numerous others and in
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Each session opens with a statement to the committee by the Under Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs, in which the session?s agenda, pre approved by the GA, is adopted. The body holds weekly formal meetings as well as informal consultations, which is where the majority of caucusing and drafting takes place (?Economic and Financial?). Furthermore, after thorough analysis on a subject, ECOFIN recommends actions and proposals to the GA, which are usually adopted as resolutions without opposition by the general body. In addition to policy issues, ECOFIN also organizes panel discussions and other events to supplement work on agenda items, including discussions and key note addresses featuring high level experts in academics, representatives of the UN system, civil society and the private sector (?Economic and Financial?).

In 1964 the General Assembly, under direct recommendation from the 2nd committee, founded the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Resolution 1995 of Session XIX outlined three main functions of UNCTAD, which include functioning as a forum for intergovernmental deliberation, undertaking data collection, and providing technical assistance to developing nations (?Establishment of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development?). Held every four years, the conference focuses on the assessment of current trade and development issues and works to