Promotional Activities Coordination Project : Sample Resume

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Part B: Promotional activities coordination project

Send an email all of the staff that will be involved in the project. Your email must include:
– A brief overview of the project and the promotional activities to be undertaken.
– A brief summary of the role of TTNQ, the benefits it provides to the region and the importance of the promotional activities in attracting international visitors.
– A summary of person’s roles and responsibilities, as well as the action plan that you developed in
Part A.
– An invitation to attend a Skype teleconference to discuss the activities to be conducted.
Set up and conduct a Skype teleconference that includes all the above personnel. Go through the action plan for the project and invite questions. Make notes on the responses. Your assessor will be asking you some questions. Note your Skype teleconference should be a video call as this will also allow you to demonstrate suitable non-verbal communication for communicating with a person whose first language is not English. You may need to explain some aspects more than once and confirm understanding.
Following the meeting and within 24 hours, email all those involved a summary of the meeting, as well as upcoming meetings. You must schedule in at least two meetings in the coming month.

To: Josh William, Wang Lin, Jeff Andrew, Allen Zhang, Victor Edwin,
Cc: Circa Zhang, Cindy Chris
Subject: TTNQ’s international market promotion activities report

Dear all,

Our target will be the Chinese…

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