Promotional Decisions

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Running Head: PROMOTION

Promotional Decisions in Marketing
Nadine Mwihaki Maina
Principles of Marketing
Mr. Kiarie

1.1 Definition of promotion
1.2 Reasons for promotion
1.3 Elements of Promotion
1.4 Promotion Strategy
2.1. Definition of advertising
2.2. Tools used in advertising(Seven steps of advertising)
2.3. Types of advertising
2.4. Reasons for advertising
3.1. Definition of public relations
3.2. How public relations and marketing are related
3.3. How to use public relations as a promotion decision/effort
3.4. Advantages of Public Relations as a promotion tool
4.1. Definition and Role of Salesperson
4.2. Steps of Personal Selling
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There are certain factors that come to play when it comes to setting up a promotion strategy. Bennett carefully explains these factors:
The nature of the product should be important when it comes to setting up a promotion strategy. Bennett says that the general rule is while promoting consumer goods and services one should heavily rely on advertising and sales promotion; while industrial products depend on personal selling, or use of brochures or catalogs (1988, p.520).
The product life cycle should also be considered. The life cycle of a product includes its introduction to the market, growth, maturity and final decline. New goods should make more use of promotion since the marketers would want people to know that that product is on the market. During the growth stage promotion efforts should be even more vigorous due to the fact that competition has entered the picture. When the product has matured competition has probably stabilized and its consumer demand has decreased this is when marketers should use elements of the promotion mix such as advertising to remind or reinforce consumers attitudes about the product. The decline stage of the lifecycle marketers should set a much smaller promotion budget so as to secure all possible profit (Bennett, 1988, p.521).
The purchase process also comes to play in the promotion strategy. When consumers are learning about new
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