Promotional Materials Reflective Of The School Environment Essay

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Fremont-Elizabeth City High School- Music and Promotions Officer, 2015 Promotions Officer Key responsibilities: • Develop promotional materials reflective of the school environment. • Maintain digital signage. • Identify priorities work efficiently to achieve desired outcomes. • Develop progressive publication documents for a site redevelopment. • Develop design concepts of prospective uniform items, leasing closely with staff in particular the principal, business manager and student counsellor, Students and parents • Update current promotional material. Key outcomes: • The site is accurately represented and promoted within the school and wider community. Creating a positive image of the school. • The public digital signage provides key dates to the wider community which raises awareness of major deadlines or events. With the opportunity of increasing attendance and enrolment numbers when advertising scholarships. • Tasks are efficiently completed attending to site priorities and providing effective customer service. • Design concepts for new uniform resulted in the outcome of an image that easily definable to the new transformational site plans. Music Reception Key responsibilities: • Manage a range of clerical and administrative functions within agreed timelines. • Provide a receptionist for the Special Music Office. • Effectively communicate with stakeholders in attendance at the site. • Coordinate special music transport paperwork. • Assist with the Primary

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