Promotional Mix : A Brand Image Of Truly Nolen As Friendly

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According to Belch and Belch (2011) a promotional mix is the sum total of a company’s approach in communication specific pieces of information to customers, persuasion for the purposes of promoting sales or a particular idea. The choosing of the idea is dependent on strategic goals, which can be to directly increase sales, project a brand image, target a market for increased sales, or a number of other aims. Elements of a promotional mix include advertising, direct marketing, e-marketing, sales-generating promos, public relations, and personal sales (Belch & Belch, 2011). For the proposed promotion and integrated promotional mix, which will try to communicate the message of “a safe clean space” to customers, the strategic goal is strongly communicating the value proposition with both factual and emotional content, this will boost sales in the short term for the winter, but more importantly encourage a new and younger cohort of consumers to become habitual consumers of the range of services that Truly Nolan offers. The preexisting brand image of Truly Nolen as friendly, relievable, and somewhat conservative organization has synergy with the message of security at the core of this promotion. The promotion should utilize advertising, e-marketing, sales-generating promos, and public relations heavily to target a younger demographic who may not have patterns of consumption that include pest control services just yet. In the past, Truly Nolan adopted a dynamic strategy of

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