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Kia Thunder Rewards Zone The traditional promotion mix has four components: Advertising, Publicity, Sales promotions, and Personal selling. These four components are used together by a company to market their materials. The success of utilizing the promotion mix well can make or break a company’s promotional campaign. Although all components play a part in the campaign, one or another component may be used more extensively depending on the product or material being marketed. Living in Oklahoma for 12 years now, I have become pretty familiar with the sporting events and local teams. In 2008, the Seattle Supersonics were sold to Clay Bennett and then moved to Oklahoma City with a new name: Thunder. Since the move, the…show more content…
Sales Promotions The big promotion with the Kia Thunder Rewards Zone is the opportunity to win free tickets or the chance to buy tickets. Most single game tickets are sold out soon after becoming available so if avoiding paying high dollar for tickets through scalpers or online, this program is a great opportunity. Also, the Thunder are hoping that all fans who win or buy a ticket have a great experience and come back again and again. They also expect most fans to spend money on concessions and merchandise so it’s a win-win situation for the team. Personal Selling This component is not used with the Kia Thunder Rewards Zone promotion. Overall, I feel the OKC Thunder has done a great job with this promotion. Not only does it bring more fans down to the arena, it also gives them a chance at tickets they normally would not be able to get. The local businesses benefit as well because the influx of fans who do not win the tickets, end up staying downtown to watch the game at a restaurant or bar. References (n.d.). Retrieved from Irwin, R., Sutton, W., & McCarthy, L. (2008). Sport promotion and sales management. Champaign: Human Kinetics. (2012, December 19). Thunder, Kia Motors Announce Major Corporate Partnership. Retrieved from
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